About Think-a-Tron

Established in 1995, Think-a-Tron serves the needs of a diverse blend of corporate and non-profit clients both large and small.

Think-a-Tron offices are located in the greater Seattle area. Our crews regularly travel across the United States and around the world.

Over the years, we’ve worked on five continents and in more that 20 countries. No location is too remote.

Meet our Team

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John Mortensen
Senior Director
Think-a-Tron’s founder, John has more than 35 years of experience in video production, including live multi-camera production, technical directing, webcasting, and video editing. A pioneer in live streaming, he has helped raise the industry standard. His career path includes major-market TV, live sports, and numerous productions for Fortune 500 companies.
John Meloy
Head of Production
As head of production, John is the mastermind behind many of Think-a-Tron’s most complex projects. He has extensive live broadcast experience, including directing, editing, producing, and managing networks and IT. John also excels at programming and designing custom software solutions.
Travis Jordan
A/V Specialist - Audio
Travis is an audio/video production specialist with a focus on live-streaming events. A Syn-Aud-Con certified audio engineer, designer, editor, composer, and musician, he has a keen emphasis in audio. Travis has twice been nominated for Emmy Awards in sound design.
Mike Neubauer
A technical director and producer, Mike enjoys the challenge and energy of creating a live broadcast. With 20 years experience in live TV and video production, Mike excels at multi-camera directing and videography. His specialty is filming live sports productions, including hockey, basketball, and hydroplane races.
Jack Lipke
Jack is a videographer and production engineer for live events, eSports tournaments, and music festivals. He has a special interest in cutting-edge video technologies and building real-time Virtual Reality / Mixed Reality compositing demos. Jack also makes large-scale installation art and art vehicles for summer festivals.
Richard Kilpatrick
Richard is a multimedia Swiss Army knife with a passion for visual storytelling. As a videographer, editor, filmmaker and production engineer, he has created video content for numerous Fortune 500 companies and other organizations. In 2011, he received two collegiate Emmys for long form fiction and on-screen performance.
Madeline Mortensen
Graphic Producer
A graphics producer and videographer, Madeline also excels at set design and has a sharp eye for detail. She regularly works on eSports tournaments, wine tasting webcasts, and other live events. In addition, Madeline provides pre-production services for several reality TV shows.
John Altenhoffen
A/V Specialist
John has 30 years of experience as a director and producer, with a specialty in live broadcasting. From directing Seattle Supersonic broadcasts and university sports productions, to TV commercials and corporate videos, John has worked in a wide variety of production environments during his career.
Andy Rick
Audio Engineer
Andy is an audio engineer with over 15 years of experience in broadcast, film, stage, and music production. He is equally at home in the studio or on the road, helping to create documentaries, podcasts, live-streaming video, narrative films, and music of all kinds.
Office assistant
Reggie is the cuddliest, though least productive, member of the crew. He’s best known for staying calm under pressure, except during FedEx deliveries.