Wine Tasting Webcasts

Wine Tasting Webcasts

Think-a-Tron regularly partners with Total Wine & More, the largest retailer of wines in the United States, to provide virtual wine tastings and other product releases offered simultaneously in up to 190 of the company’s stores nationwide.

As part of these events, customers taste a range of individual products, learn about their history and characteristics, and have the option to purchase them in the store afterwards.

These webcasts offer customers a rare opportunity to ask questions in real-time and participate in live conversations with owners of leading wineries, distilleries, and breweries. In turn, the productions provide individual beverage makers with a highly effective and innovative tool to reach a specific – and enthusiastic – audience with their products.

These live-streaming productions are provided as a package and include audio, lighting, set design, full branding of video content, a branded login page, slide shows, and other features.

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