Live Event Webcasting

Live Event Webcasting

Webcasting, or live streaming, is the delivery of real-time video, audio, and other content streamed to multiple online devices at the same level of quality as a traditional TV broadcast. With dramatic increases in bandwidth capacity, live streaming is growing at an explosive rate and demand for video is skyrocketing across many platforms.

Live streaming is used for various purposes including:

  • University events
  • TEDx talks
  • Sports events
  • Press conferences and news releases
  • Trade shows and expos
  • Music concerts and festivals
  • Performing arts events
  • Cooking courses
  • Other instructional videos

Events of all sizes and scope

Think-a-Tron offers webcast producing, directing, and A/V services for live events of all sizes and scope. We provide lighting, sound, live editing, equipment, and crew as needed. Our team is made up of experienced broadcast and digital technology specialists, who manage all aspects of the webcast.

Think-a-Tron streams to any platform, including YouTube, Twitch, Periscope, Facebook, or a custom platform. Audience sizes range from dozens to hundreds of participants, on up to more than a million concurrent users with multi-hour engagement.

Our services include pre- and post-production assistance and project management with the option to scale up or down depending on our clients’ needs. Please see our Production Guide for more information on the production process.

As part of our live-streaming services, we offer:

  • Synchronized webcasts of multiple, simultaneous events
  • Real-time interaction with online participants
  • Proprietary, customizable scoring software and interfaces for eSports tournaments or other events
  • Onsite stage management and floor directing
  • Roving camera crews that create short, edited interviews for playback during events
  • Integrated content from social media channels, sponsors, ads, graphics, markers, slide shows, pre-recorded material, and other video streams
  • Full content branding, branded log-in page, and graphic design
  • Assistance with messaging and other original content creation
  • Data analytics on remote audience and participation numbers
  • Post-production copies of content for use in marketing and training after the event is over

Technical specs include:

  • Streaming content in 60-frame progressive HD and 4K
  • Professional cameras in field or studio configuration with full CCU control
  • Fiber optic cabling
  • Jib-mounted cameras with remote heads
  • Robotic cameras
  • Steadi cam systems

Live streaming boosts an organization’s marketing power and enhances its reach. It provides an unparalleled opportunity to reach large audiences and target new customers. It also generates content that can live on-demand in perpetuity. In the rush to create content, however, it’s critical that quality doesn’t suffer. Shoddy content and poor user experiences can be worse than no content at all.

That’s where Think-a-Tron comes in. By combining our extensive experience in broadcast TV with the latest in media technology, we create professionally produced webcasts that offer remote audiences an interactive, broadcast-quality viewing experience. To do this smoothly and consistently requires a high level of expertise and technical skills, and above all, a focus on our clients’ needs.